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The Vaponic Plus vaporizer is a very efficient tool to enjoy in a healthy way all the benefits which herbal blends and herbal extracts can offer. Vaporizing is widely accepted as the Nr. 1 alternative to smoking because it allows you to inhale the desired substances without burning the plant or extract, thus avoiding hundreds of carcinogenic combustion by-products contained in smoke.

The Vaponic Plus is based on the classic Vaponic vaporizer. It's heated with a flame and maintains all the advantages of the patented double air stream vaporizing system. At the same time it offers a series of additional advantages: more nature, more style and more safety. The crucial element is the new transport case made of European beech wood and anodized aluminium. No plastic. During usage your vaporizer stays inside its case and for outsiders it looks like a stylish vape pen. What's more, the hot parts always stay covered: no accidental burning.

The Vaponic Plus is produced in Europe under fair working conditions and only using high quality materials. For more detailed information about the Vaponic itself and additional videos about the multifunctional tool, the cleaning etc. please visit (English, Deutsch, Français, Español, Italiano, Český, 日本の, Português).

The Vaponic Plus has a two-year warranty. Don't hesitate to mail us directly to for any doubt or question you may have. Your Vaponic team will do its best to solve your problem. We're proud of our customer service.

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