Vaporizing is widely accepted as the Nr. 1 alternative to smoking because it allows you to enjoy herbal blends and extracts without burning them, thus avoiding the inhalation of hundreds of carcinogenic combustion by-products contained in smoke.

The Vaponic Plus is an evolution of the multi-award-winning Vaponic vaporizer. A new, completely redesigned and fully integrated case improves the user experience in many ways: more nature, more safety and more style.

Vaponic PLUS

Inside the case you‘ll find the original Vaponic with all its well-known advantages. It’s heated with a simple lighter – preferably a turbo or jetflame lighter – and provides total independence from electricity or digital components. There’s no direct contact between the flame and the air you inhale.

The patented double airstream vaporizing system based on heat convection and conduction will allow you to inhale cooled, strong and tasty vapor. The fact that only safe materials of superior quality are used (Borosilicate 3.3. laboratory glass, stainless steel screens and medical silicone caoutchouc) makes sure that the airpath, the flavor and the vapor are as clean as possible. The original Vaponic is safely fixed in the case but can easily be pushed out of it when needed, e.g. for cleaning.

The case itself is made of three separated pieces of European beech wood connected by solid screw connections made of anodized aluminium. During usage the case will always cover the hot parts and protect the vaporizer as well as the user. The steel clip and the additional steel pins reinforce the construction and also make sure that the Vaponic Plus can not roll off the table accidentally. The included multifunctional tool can easily be stored and fixed inside the case. A natural oil/wax finish protects the wood and maintains its texture.

The Vaponic Plus kit also includes one spare inner filter, three resin/oil/wax filters and an additional storage tube. A small cotton bag with cord is used as packaging. It‘s eco-friendly, reusable and makes it easy to keep your things together.


All together the Vaponic Plus is a beautiful piece of European handicraft produced under fair working conditions with a minimized ecological footprint. Attention to detail can be found on every level. It is for sure a very unique and stylish ‚vape pen‘.

For more detailed information about the original Vaponic and additional videos about the multifunctional tool and the cleaning please visit (English, Deutsch, Français, Español, Italiano, Česky, 日本の, Português).

The Vaponic Plus has a two-year warranty. Single spare parts can also be ordered. Don’t hesitate to mail us directly to for any doubt or question you may have. Your Vaponic team will do its best to solve your problem. We’re proud of our customer service.